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Your Customers Will Tell You Exactly How to Sell to Them, Just Ask

August 24, 2018
Your Customers Will Tell You Exactly How to Sell to Them, Just Ask • Marketing Communications

In the communications industry, talented teams work together to produce compelling and innovative campaigns. But where do they turn when ideas are scarce, or a campaign does not perform as well as expected?

The answer is the audience.

Listening to your customer is one of the most overlooked elements of campaign development, and eventually, implementation. Hearing firsthand what they desire, what catches their eye, and what makes a campaign successful is invaluable. Asking questions strategically refined to uncover crucial desires is the key to unlocking the perfect targeted campaign.

One of the best methods for listening to your audiences is a focus group.

Why focus groups? Guided by a professional moderator, these intimate discussions provide an open environment where insights are comfortably offered up by carefully selected and qualified consumers. The quality of the insights is fundamental in helping a brand align with its audience. This is where you can find that elusive “aha” moment.

The chance to acquire potentially major campaign-altering information is one of the greatest strengths of a focus group.

Did your product fail once it hit the shelves? Are your digital ads underperforming? If so, gaining insights beforehand would have saved time and money.

Even if the group affirms what a brand may already know, at the very least, fresh ideas are absorbed and activated. Future campaign ideas may also stem from information gained in these innovative learning sessions.

So, let’s start a conversation! Reach out to Van Eperen for more information about how focus groups can transform unanswered questions into impactful strategies to grow your business.

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