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Another Win for Montgomery County

July 13, 2018
Another Win for Montgomery County • Digital Communications

Congratulations to Montgomery County for its recognition as the 2018 Digital County Survey winner. The Center for Digital Government (CDG) and the National Association of Counties (NACo)  has recognized Montgomery County as the first-place winner of the “One Million or More Population” category for Digital Counties. The survey conducted by CDG and NACo identifies U.S. counties with the best data technology uses to inform and protect their citizens.

4th time winner! The survey focused on characteristics of each county such as open data, citizen-centric, collaborative, secure, staffed/ supported, connected, efficient, resilient, and innovative. This year, Montgomery County Government added 47 new datasets to total 150 published datasets, as well as an additional position of Chief Data Officer to manage open government, data, budget, and spending. Montgomery County’s Artificial Intelligence pilot gives people access to copious amounts of data on business, education, elections, finance, and many more.

As a leader in #communications in Montgomery County, Van Eperen specializes in government-based communications in transportation, health, technology, finance; all of which, are included in the dataMontgomery datasets. As a beneficiary of this data and a member of the Montgomery County community, I fully support the County’s continued investments in technology. Increased use of digital technologies can improve our efficiency when preparing for disaster response as well as our engagement with residents on important issues and news in their community. Plus, it’s always great to see #tech investments to save on taxpayer dollars!

I am excited to see what the future of data technology holds for Montgomery County. Its continued technological improvements year over year! Congrats, @MoCo

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