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Why Work at an Independent PR + Marketing Agency like Van Eperen?

June 13, 2019
byLaura Van Eperen inMarketing Communications
Why Work at an Independent PR + Marketing Agency like Van Eperen? • Marketing Communications

Laura’s Top 10 List

Every senior leader I run into within national trade associations, corporations and in government agencies, seems to be clamoring for agency-like communication responsiveness, and that has quickly become the standard across many workplaces. For those of us lifers serving time in PR and marketing agencies, it has always been the norm to develop exceptional quality content in a timely fashion. Responsiveness is a core challenge we embrace each day, and a cornerstone of agency life.

This recurring call for responsive communications prompted me to draft the Top 10 list of reasons why agencies are dynamic, and communications professionals should consider working here, especially at an independently owned communications agency, like Van Eperen.

In the event you find yourself among the few, chosen communicators who thrive on joining a team of like-minded responsive, quality communicators who get content creation done right, the first time and every time, you now know where you can take your career path. Below are my top reasons why you should give Van Eperen and other communication agencies a look for your next position.

Top 10 Reasons to Work at an Independent PR and Marketing Agency:

  1. Clients love us because we help them achieve their goals (quickly 😊!)
  2. Never a dull moment. We stay productive (not busy), which is mentally rewarding and professionally challenging. We stay at the top of our game as a result)
  3. People who work here, care here. We are good people. Jerks need not apply.
  4. High achievers are the rule, not the exception.
  5. Innovation is appreciated.
  6. Motivational, educational story telling produced with wonderful words and compelling imagery fill our minds and our days.
  7. We are people pleasers and exceptional client service is our passion. (THE primary reason I founded Van Eperen)
  8. We’re a “no drama” team because unnecessary distractions are just that.
  9. Professionalism, ethics and respect are Van Eperen core values.
  10. Clients come first. Always.

A-gamers and game-changers need apply.

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