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Don’t Forget About the Trades: Why Trade Publications Should Be Included in Media Strategies

February 21, 2017
byVan Eperen Marketing Team inCreative Services, Public Relations
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By Laura Van Eperen and Melissa DiMercurio

When putting together a media relations strategy, it’s very easy to find yourself reaching for the splashiest media outlets. We all want to land NBC’s The Today Show or have a brilliant contributed article in Forbes. While striving for these goals is important given the widespread visibility, it’s also important to think about the most targeted approach to securing the result that will be most effective.

One of our clients, a town in Maryland, has been in search of the perfect grocery store for its residents. While finding a store to fit the community has been a challenge, the leadership felt that their loyal customer base would be attractive to grocers. As their Maryland PR firm, the obvious strategy is to tell their story in local Maryland newspapers and business publications, but would we really be reaching their intended target audience?

Our trade press publicity team began researching – and yes – there are grocery store-related publications that speak to decision makers in the industry. We ultimately decided that the result we wanted was to directly reach grocers to foster interest and start conversations for our client. So, a business-to-business PR contributed article by the town leadership was crafted to outline the challenges the town faced in this endeavor, while also highlighting the economic development attributes of the town.

Just last week, we learned that the leadership received five phone calls from the placed article and all those phone calls were from prospective grocers.

The lesson from this earned media strategy victory is to not forget about the trades! The content in these hyper-targeted B-to-B communications publications can be so specific to your intended target audience, you might not be able to distinctly capture the same outcome from a bigger, consumer media outlet.

When crafting your next media strategy, take a step back and consider– there may be a trade publication that can help your issue!

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