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When It Hits the Fan: Protect Your Brand

May 29, 2018
byLaura Van Eperen inDigital Communications, Social Media
When It Hits the Fan: Protect Your Brand • Digital Communications

Dampening the social media fire during a crisis – Van Eperen has a crisis communication fire squad on call.

Van Eperen has worked on some very high-profile crisis situations over the years, and when Jeffrey Davis merged his practice into ours in 2016, he added significantly deeper qualifications to our crisis communication practice area.  We have real pros on our crisis communications agency team to help you weather any type of crisis situation.

You’ll want your crisis PR firm to be experienced, and we’ve handled all kinds of serious internal and external issues or events: sexual harassment; accusations of embezzlement, rocky leadership transitions; explosions; accidental deaths and injuries, high profile disputes, and more.

The scope of crises vary widely from small local issues to national or international events. Rarely are they planned or expected, but your crisis PR team can help. The common denominator is that every crisis threatens to tarnish your brand’s reputation. Van Eperen’s pros are here to help to minimize the impact of a crisis on your brand.

It Begins with a Plan – Have you Drafted Yours, or Updated it Lately?

We’d like to think all organizations are prepared for a crisis. Unfortunately, many are not. Drafting or updating the crisis communication plan is usually not at the top of the to-do list and can seem like a low priority.

We will help you develop a crisis communication plan that is based on your organization’s nuances. We will tailor it to reflect your leadership, your most appropriate spokespeople, HR practices, internal and external stakeholders, while defining individual roles and protocols to follow, to minimize the negative impact on your organization. We’ll also make it mobile so you can access it when and where most crises take place – on the weekends, after hours and while you are away from the office.

Ways Your Crisis PR Agency Can Mitigate your Brand’s Risk

Conducting a crisis planning workshop and an actual organization-wide mock crisis are ideal ways to ensure your key players know their roles and have familiarity with how to execute them. A recent client crisis workshop revealed nuances only staff would know, which was highly valuable to talk through to integrate into the plan.

And while conducting a mock crisis is no small feat for an organization of any size (avoid this example from Hawaii’s false alarm debacle), I can tell you first hand that it is well worth doing – ideally annually –  if your organization is at high risk for a crisis occurring. There is tremendous value to having key players physically going through the motions to fully test the execution of the written plan.

Catching Social Media Fire … Not What You Want During a Crisis

Thanks to consumers armed with smart phones and social media handles, it’s very easy for your brand to go down in flames fast. Here’s a worst-case scenario that was shared on social:

If your brand is in the midst of a crisis, on your behalf, Van Eperen would quickly establish a social media dashboard to help you manage and efficiently dampen any social flames with monitoring, responding and tracking posts.

As former journalists, we know how to prep your team for intense interviews and we can guide you through ways to anticipate issues and stay ahead of the curve while the crisis plays out.

So before it hits your brand’s fan, protect it by reaching out to Van Eperen’s seasoned crisis communication team. We will help protect one of your most important assets — your reputation and brand.

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