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A Round-up of Observations from the Van Eperen Team – Part I

April 27, 2020
byVan Eperen Marketing Team inCOVID-19
What’s Trending in COVID-19 Communications

What’s Trending in COVID-19 Communications?

During a recent staff meeting (on Zoom, of course), the Van Eperen team shared observations about how communications are evolving during this coronavirus environment. Our new normal, at least for now. Here’s what some of us had to say:

Truth and Speed

Communication during this initial phase of the pandemic calls for truth and speed. Later, maybe during the summer, we can shift to a “new normal” that will call for a different tone and approach, but for now, it’s all about real stories and immediate action.

In his op-ed “TV news needs to show us the suffering inside hospitals,” Baltimore Sun media critic David Zurawik makes the case that a large dose of the “horrible truth” is what’s needed right now. The media has a responsibility to shed light on what’s happening at Ground Zero so we can make decisions based on facts. Show us the stats. The heroes in scrubs, the patients hooked to ventilators, and what’s really happening inside those emergency rooms.

What are you or your company doing to help? What changes are you making to survive? Share your stories. No need to sugar coat.

Most of us are in crisis mode or at least on high alert these days, and speed can keep you ahead of the curve. Nothing moves as fast a coronavirus breaking news, and if you are in the COVID-19 media mix, as we are with a few clients, it requires good judgment and instant action. Quick decisions. Immediate responses.
– Jeffrey A. Davis, APR

Shining the Light on Mental Health

There’s a light being shone on mental health that we haven’t seen before. Everyone is directly impacted, in one way or another, by this pandemic. In addition to sharing updates and information about the direct impacts of COVID-19, media, companies, and individuals are talking about mental health more than ever.

Once an incredibly taboo topic is part of our everyday vernacular. I wouldn’t credit COVID-19 alone to this happening. Over the last ten years, I’ve seen and heard mental health and conversation surrounding it emerge from behind closed doors. It’s been a slow movement and it will be interesting to see how (and how much) people and companies communicate about mental health once we’re on the other side of this.
– Emily McDermott

‘Local News Is My News’

I have always counted on the local news to keep me informed, from breaking news to feel-good stories in and around my community. I find that I am relying on them even more now to stay up to date on COVID-19 information. How our neighbors are impacted, how can we help – fact-based stories and stories of hope and resilience are shared every day on our local news. What struck me was a recent PSA highlighting what I find to be so important about local news – local news is my news.
– Hillarie Turner

Go Straight to the Source

Great news! We all can watch the live White House COVID-19 daily news briefings. We don’t have to consume the edited information via news outlets after work, etc. Watch it unfiltered. For yourself. We have the ability to directly hear the information being provided from our federal leadership and to gauge if we feel confident in their leadership of our country during this pandemic.
– Laura Van Eperen

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