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We’re a Modern Agency, Which Means I Don’t Make Coffee

December 16, 2015
byVan Eperen Marketing Team inPublic Relations, Social Media


That’s right. I don’t make coffee.

Hi, my name is Jessica and I’m just an intern a member of the Van Eperen Team.

I came to Van Eperen with every stereotypical intern concern in the world. Will I be making copies all day, every day? Will I be completing errands that no one else wants to do? And the dreaded, Will I be making coffee? Lucky for me, the answer to every question I had was “no.”

This is one of the good ones. This is one of the good internships. An internship where my input was valued from day one and my goals and concerns were heard when I voiced them. At Van Eperen, I quickly became part of a team where I completed tasks integral to client work and had the opportunity to contribute to an organization where my work made a difference.  I am leaving my time here with skills I did not know I needed, and experience I do not think I would find anywhere else.

My position allowed me to take on responsibility, take stake in our organization and receive guidance from industry professionals wise beyond their years. There is something to be said about building relationships in public relations—it is an integral piece of the definition – and that is what I did with my time here: built relationships that were mutually beneficial. I did not waste the Van Eperen team’s time, and they did not waste mine.

So looking to the future, to any of the potential interns trying to figure out whether or not they need to have the stereotypical concerns, don’t worry. You won’t make coffee.

That is unless you want to have a cup of coffee, then by all means, use the Keurig!

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