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Video Content is King

May 31, 2018
Video Content is King • Creative Services

Video content is king in today’s busy world. We recently developed a Van Eperen highlights reel of video content samples to give you a flavor for the types of videos that can be produced to meet your organization’s needs. High click-through rates from video content tell the compelling story about why you need to be increasingly incorporating more videos into your marketing communications.

There is huge opportunity for your organization to produce some or more videos backed by a strategic game plan to ensure they’re effective and fulfilling your objectives.

Consider these top tips as you look to incorporate more video content into your marketing communications.

Top Tips for Producing Compelling Video Content

1. Videos should be short. Repeat after me…. videos do not need to be 2+ minutes to be compelling. Say no to long videos. People will start to tune out after 20-30 seconds if it’s not engaging. Videos can be short and still effective. Stat: Nearly two-thirds of consumers prefer video under 60 seconds (source: Animoto)

2. Keep video content engaging.

– Great visuals that include motion + graphics and make the viewer feel something.

– Voice over or on/off camera narration talent that matches the tone of your content.

– Script writing that is tight and complemented by strong visuals

Stat: 55 percent of people watch videos online every day (source: MWP)

3. Call to action: Why should I care? What do you want me to do?  If I enjoyed the video clip (and have an easy path to engagement), I’ll be more inclined to act on your call to action.  Even sharing the clip on social channels provides a great metric to track and value the investment.

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