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Tolling: The Now and Future View

May 10, 2018
byVan Eperen Marketing Team inTechnology Marketing, Transportation Marketing
Tolling: The Now and Future View • Technology Marketing

Individuals, Infrastructure, Interoperability

So you head out on the road to work, to your child’s soccer game, in to the city to visit friends, out to the shore for that weekend getaway – and there it is – the slow down to tolling structures. Lanes dividing and you have to choose. Quick — will it be the E-ZPass lanes or the multiple long lines for individual payments. Phew — ya made the smart choice and you’re all set for smooth sailing.

We’ve been there. We’ve been thankful and annoyed at the same time. Wishing we didn’t have to pay at all, but knowing that the tolls go towards much-needed road maintenance and infrastructure improvements. They’re an ever-growing necessity with fewer federal funds available and our populations growing faster than expected, that frustrating traffic congestion, time delays and the environmental impact of increasing air pollution… tolls are helping an increasing number of jurisdictions around the country.

It’s a rapidly changing industry with cross-border integration and interoperability, new technologies and distinct challenges, but when the rubber hits the road, tolls are a key piece in the transportation puzzle.

Tolling agencies are not just road builders, they’re solution providers for mobility. They improve our journey and increase our quality of life.

Like many industries where big data and IoT play a part, the world of tolling is embracing new technologies and innovating for improvement. There is much talk about the eventuality of autonomous vehicles in an ordered and connected roadway grid, ferrying us here and to with great efficiency and Vision Zero safety. But that AI-assisted, uber-efficient world does not exist yet — and it’s fair to say that some hope it doesn’t in their lifetime (if it means giving up their beloved automobile). We may go from “one with the machine to none with the machine” sooner than any of us think, but there will be many bumps in the road between here and there and tolls will not only help us repair them, but also offer choices for how we navigate our way.


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