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To Blog or Not to Blog, 6 Reasons Why Your Organization Should

August 2, 2016
Blog Posts

Blogs were all the rage in the late 1990s and early 2000s, and many organizations jumped on the “blogging bandwagon” with fervor. But now the luster has faded and businesses are starting to question their value.

As an agency, the two questions we get most often are:

  • Is it worth the effort to maintain my blog?
  • If my organization does not have a blog, should I even bother to start one?

Underlying both questions, what people are really saying is that they recognize blogging is time-consuming and they question the ROI, both valid points.

First, it’s important to have a firm understanding of the value of a blog. If it’s to generate business leads, blogging is not your strategy. But that’s not why you blog.

Second, is it worth the time investment if you don’t reap immediate rewards, or can’t measure ROI? The answer is a resounding YES, and here’s why:

1. Blogs are a cost-effective way to build your organization’s profile. Whether you are a corporation, an association, a nonprofit, or a government agency, an effective blog will connect an organization to its audience and communicate important information – and for a minimal investment of time.

2. Blogs demonstrate thought leadership.  Blogs are an excellent way to share and comment on timely and relevant news of the day, and they position leadership and the organization as thought leaders.

3. Blogs help inform and build trust. By encouraging audience interaction with your readers, an organization will build and reinforce loyalty. Replying to a customers’ or members’ comments on your blog demonstrates you care about their opinions. Such a strategy pays dividends when an organization faces a crisis. And, every organization, at some point, will face a crisis. Guaranteed.

4. Blogs content is easily multi-purposed. All content nowadays should be re-purposed in as many ways as possible to help ensure you are reaching your audiences, and blog content is no exception – content can be parsed out and tailored to an organization’s various social platforms.

5. Blogs provide valuable feedback. Reviewing analytics on a regular basis helps determine who is interested in your organization and what content appeals – and doesn’t appeal – to your stakeholders.

6. Blogs are free to write and free to publish. Hire a strong content writer, develop a strategy, and then adhere to a schedule. It’s that simple.

Just because a tool is no longer all the rage, does not mean you should ignore it. A blog can be an effective tool in an organizations toolbox. And, when properly done, the effort pays dividends for the long haul. Happy blogging!

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