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Things that Render You Speechless

December 10, 2015
Things that render you speechless

Having built a somewhat successful career in PR over the past 29+ years, the last decade spent working in PR agencies, I tend to be private and cautious with my personal views on issues…you never know who might become a client. However, I just can’t remain silent on a recent comment by Michael Moritz, chairman of Sequoia Capital, who said he was having difficulty finding bright women to join his team.

Seriously?! In 2015?! Is he for real?!

There are so many things I could say beyond the fact I am personally offended. But I will restrain myself.

But that’s because SheKnows, a women’s digital lifestyle media company, generously stepped up to the plate and offered its assistance, detailed in a brilliantly written piece titled, “An open letter to the VC who can’t find any women to work at his firm,” with an equally brilliant subhead: A venture capitalist said he’d ‘hire women all day and all night’ if he could find them – here are 200.

And even, better ― and, yes, I’m going to brag ― one of our clients, Cori Lathan, the co-founder and CEO of AnthroTronix, is on that list! AnthroTronix is an engineering R&D company that is developing innovative technologies on a number of fronts, including a brain diagnostic tool that recently received FDA clearance.

But back to Mr. Moritz. Specifically, he is looking for “fabulously bright, driven women who are really interested in technology, very hungry to succeed, and can meet our performance standards.”

Here’s a smattering of Cori’s accomplishments:

  • Named a Top 100 World Innovator by  MIT Technology Review magazine
  • On Fast Company’s list of “Most Creative People in Business”
  • Named a Technology Pioneer and Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum
  • Featured in Forbes, Time and The New Yorker for her work in robotics

So, let’s review…

Fabulously bright? Check.

A driven woman? Check.

Really interested in technology? Check.

Very hungry to succeed? She already has succeeded, so check.

Can meet our performance standards? Hmmm, maybe the question should be: Can Mr. Moritz meet her standards?

Cori is just one example of many fabulously bright, driven women I know and work with on a daily basis.

While I am no Cori Lathan, or any of the other 199 women on the list, I can certainly hold my own in business and have been told I am pretty darn good at what I do. I’d like to think I’ve added a lot of value over the course of my career to the many clients I’ve represented and organizations for which I’ve worked.

Perhaps Mr. Moritz could use, among other things, some good PR counsel, along with a bit of media coaching.

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