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The Importance of a Media-Trained Spokesperson

June 13, 2016
byLaura Van Eperen inPublic Relations
Media Trained Spokesperson

Would you give a presentation in front of a client or your boss without practicing first? What about a speech in front of a few thousand people? No, you wouldn’t.

Getting on camera or sitting down for an interview with a reporter is the same thing. You need to have talking points engrained in your mind so you can answer questions comfortably and conversationally, while staying on message. Strong media placements are essential for brand-building, so it’s imperative to successfully nail your interview opportunities.

Knowing your key messages and what you want to say is just the beginning. How you package and deliver your brand’s message is the hard part.

When Maryland-based Under Armour purchased fitness tracking app MyFitnessPal, the company’s message was clear: they wanted to have a fitness and health platform that connected through multiple devices and would align with Under Armour’s overall brand. See how Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank flawlessly stayed on message during this interview on CNBC’s Squawk Box.

Not only did Plank successfully deliver the messaging, he interacted with the reporter and made it personal and applicable for viewers. Rest assured that Mr. Plank is a well-prepared and consummate brand ambassador. Some may say he is a natural, but make no mistake: this skill is a learned one.

Strategic communications professionals can help spokespeople learn techniques to better communicate their brand’s message and to come across in interviews as approachable and credible experts virtually every time.

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