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The Caring (and Feeding) of Our Greatest Assets

September 5, 2017
Bowling capture - VE Outing

I’ve been operating Van Eperen, a creative communication consulting firm in Maryland, for 13 years. One thing I’ve learned as a business owner is that my firm is better as a business when we care and feed for each other as a staff.  Someone recently reminded me of our long list of perks to ensure we care and feed for our Van Eperen work family. Here’s the list….

  • We get out of the office and have fun, like our recent afternoon at a local bowling alley. (Zach won on style points!)
  • We promote leading and attending professional development opportunities (to stay on top of trends).
We break bread together. We order in. We go out. We keep the fridge stocked. 
  • We access the latest tools in the communications profession (and there are plenty!).
  • We collaborate. We bounce ideas off our fellow high-achieving, fun, fast-moving PR, social media, advertising, and marketing teammates.
  • Did I mention we like food? High likelihood of finding us at Whole Foods, Chick-Fil-A, Shake Shack. Anyone coming aboard Van Eperen should like good Maryland eats.
  • We balance our food obsession with a weekly health focus, including Wellness Wednesdays…. we stroll down the Inner Harbor or the Bethesda Trolley Trail.
  • Our cool Baltimore office (some say it looks like Twitter’s offices in NY) offers its own set of benefits, from shuffle board to a beer garden and to a music venue right outside our front doors.
  • We shine the light on one another’s successes via our “PRops” box.
  • We recognize that family comes first, so we understand the work/life balance and will work with our teammates so they can take as much time off as they need.
  • Boundless opportunities to engage and give back to area non-profits which are changing the world for the better (my personal fav: Make-A-Wish, Mid-Atlantic Foundation).

I know I’m biased, but our shop is a great place to have fun while contributing meaningful communications to the world. Consider joining the Van Eperen team on your professional life journey…



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