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The 2018 VEtreat

August 1, 2018
byVan Eperen Team inBaltimore, Public Relations

Last week our team took a trip to Baltimore for our inaugural company retreat. We learned a lot about each other and even more about the exciting future of Van Eperen. Here are some of the highlights:

Team Building

After warming up with a #hashtag brainstorm session, we got down to business. Our team collaborated on best practices for moving the agency forward and built upon our core values of what it means to be part of Van Eperen. The team is more focused and committed than ever to delivering exceptional results to our amazing clients.

Distillery Tour and Tasting

We learned the rich history of rye whiskey and Sagamore Spirit in Maryland. Did you know there used to be 22 distilleries in Baltimore alone? At the end we got to (responsibly) sample some of Sagamore’s signature whiskeys.

Guest Speaker

We had the pleasure of hearing from Mr. Andre Fountain, project coordinator for the Aspen Foundation’s Project Play Baltimore. He explained how the program works to make quality team sports accessible to every child, regardless of means and location. To learn more and support this inspiring program, be sure to check out Project Play Baltimore.


For lunch we headed next door to Rye Street Tavern for some southern-style comfort food. After satisfying our loVE for food with some delicious eats, we channeled our remaining energy into a creative activity.


To finish out the day, the VE team took part in creating some artwork for our offices. It was cool seeing our employees’ creativity shine in a different way and the unique approaches everyone took in creating their artwork. Can you guess who painted what?

Our 2018 company retreat showed us how important team building and professional development events like this are. It’s vital for a healthy and strong workplace environment to be pursuing the same goals under the same core values. It was productive. It was creative, and we had fun doing it.

Wonder where the 2019 retreat will take us! 2018 certainly set a high bar!


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