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Takeover Makeover: The Do’s and Don’ts of Instagram

July 10, 2018
byBrooke Whitson inSocial Media
Takeover Makeover: The Do’s and Don’ts of Instagram • Social Media

Instagram takeovers are taking over. If you’re not in the loop, here’s the scoop:

What’s a takeover?

When one Instagram user takes over another Instagram user’s account temporarily, it’s called an Instagram takeover. These users, usually an influencer or internet personality, can create content using Instagram posts, stories, or going live from the other user’s account.

Why takeover?

Instagram stories appear at the top of Instagram feeds, and consequently at the top of the consumer’s mind. But it’s not always that simple. Instagram users are spoiled with endless amounts of entertaining or educational content, and if yours is lacking, you’re sure to lose some followers. So, an Instagram takeover could be the answer to your content creation needs.

These takeovers are mutually beneficial. The user taking over your account can talk to a brand-new audience while creating new and different content for the account. The takeover allows both parties to direct traffic to each other’s accounts.

How to takeover:

Research. Before the takeover, get to know the account and its audience. Take note of the number of followers, likes, and comments, and ask about the number of clicks on the link in their bio. You’ll use this information to create relevant content and later measure your success.

Brainstorm. Decide what you will do, where you will go, and how you’ll post it. Whether its Instagram posts, stories or going live – this content can be planned, but it should always seem authentic to the audience.

Communicate. Identify the goals of both parties, whether it be to increase followers, drive sales, improve brand recognition, etc. Determine the length of time of the takeover and the appropriate amount of posts. The takeover could last anywhere from one hour to a couple of days, but don’t overdo it. Ask the user to avoid posting too much before or after the takeover. A lengthy story will have people swiping left; another missed connection, Bob.

Promote. Post on your own social media account(s) encouraging your followers to watch the takeover. Be sure to tag the account and include the date and time.

Track. One way to measure the success of a takeover is to create a temporary link for the account’s bio and measure the number of clicks. You should also make a note of the increase in followers, likes, and comments to showcase your success.

Takeover. Engagement is key; Make sure you use polls, add locations, tag people, and use relevant filters. Avoid live overdrive; Go live for an exciting moment, behind the scenes, or a Q&A, but keep it brief. Your Instagram story should be no more than 3 minutes.

Enjoy. While staying true to the brand and keeping in mind your audience, have fun!

Instagram takeovers are an innovative way to create content. Some companies even ask their own employees to do an Instagram takeover. This allows the company to use a different voice and show a new perspective, without too much onboarding. As an employee, your posts should align with the brand and typical content from the account. Your takeover could include a look behind the scenes, interviews with executives, a live tour of the office, and even an artsy photo of your avocado toast. We hope your takeovers produce more successful engagements than The Bachelor. Good luck!

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