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Reporters Consider Twitter the MVP

August 5, 2019
Reporters Consider Twitter the MVP • Marketing Communications

If your communications plan includes media relations, you better have a strong and active Twitter game, according to a new survey from Muck Rack examining how journalists find their news, use social media and work with PR teams.

Asked which social platform is most useful, 83% of reporters said Twitter is the most valuable platform, up from 70% in last year’s survey. Facebook came in at 40%, LinkedIn at 26%.

Where do journalists go first for their news? Online newspapers and magazines came out on top, with 59% selecting that as their first choice, followed by Twitter at 22%. Not quite where they used to be – print media came in at 6% while Facebook trailed at 2%.

When it comes to pitching, 93% want to receive a personalized 1:1 email. Mass emails and wire services were next at 19%. While journalists generally don’t like phone pitches, a call can be effective when timed and used properly.

Other insights from the survey:
  • Ideal pitch length in a customized email: 2-3 paragraphs (61%), followed by 2-3 sentences (22%)
  • Sixty-one percent always — or usually — take a look at a company’s social media content in the course of reporting a story.
  • In the coming year, reporters expect to spend more time on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn for their stories. Facebook is the platform they plan to use the least.

To gather data for “The State of Journalism 2019”, the PR software company polled 720 journalists between mid-May and mid-June. If you need help upping your Twitter game and increasing your connections with the media let us know.

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