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Rebranded, Recharged and ‘Shoeless’ No More!

November 10, 2015

We toss a lot of buzz words, catch phrases and old sayings around our office. Hey, we’re professional communicators – what else would you expect?

Unfortunately, one of the expressions we’ve tossed out for too long, when looking at ourselves, was the analogy of the cobbler’s children. For almost the whole time we’ve been in business – now in our 11th year – we’ve been so busy focusing on building brand and public relations successes for our clients, that we’ve been relatively “shoeless” when it comes to our own branding.

But no more – because now, Van Eperen has become a client of… Van Eperen!

Instead of working our own company’s PR and marketing needs in “whenever we have time to get to it,” we have now made a commitment to delivering to us what we have always pledged to provide our clients: “Customized Communications” and “Renowned Results.”  And we’ve committed to doing so on a consistent basis, with a carefully planned strategy and measurable tactics.

Things kind of got going on this effort more than a year ago, as we prepared to celebrate our 10th anniversary and rolled it out with a client party and the introduction of a commemorative twist on our long-standing logo.

Once that happened, we really got the creative juices flowing and were off and running. Took a while, but we think the results were well worth the effort.

1) New company logo and brand check! Van Eperen & Company, previously branded more as VE & Co, is now simply Van Eperen. One look at the logo and you’ll immediately notice how we pay homage to our evolution from a traditional PR firm into an integrated agency that combines the best of today’s digital technologies with the proven success of our traditional public relations and communications strategies.

2) Clear, concise company messaging. Who we are… what we stand for… what we deliver to our clients – check!

3) New, much improved website and rebranded social media and digital platforms – check, check!

4) Coming soon… our new office. Urban, millennial-friendly, digital creative central. Check! We can’t wait to welcome you there, so stay tuned in 2016!

5) Most importantly, perhaps – an ongoing, in-house marketing team made up of the same Van Eperen superstars that made it all happen. Making sure that one of our “newest” clients – Van Eperen – benefits from the same great expertise we offer to the rest.

Locked and loaded. Primed and ready. “Shoeless” no more.

Can’t wait to embrace the year ahead. Time to bring our new marketing mantra to life: Shatter Expectations. Drive Results.

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