“There cannot be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full.”

– Henry Kissinger

Crisis Communications


Unfortunately for Henry Kissinger – and you – you cannot schedule a crisis. You can’t delay one either. This month we’re arming you with the tools you need to prepare for a crisis with a thoughtful strategy for preparing a crisis communications plan and the related messaging. In addition to the wealth of expert advice on our blog, we’re speaking on this topic throughout October. Read below, and if you’re in Annapolis next week for the Fall Conference of the Maryland Municipal League, stop by and listen to one of our talks on the importance of crisis communication planning.



Crises are all around – in weather events, cultural strife and even the accidental tweets from official accounts. You’ll do well to be prepared.

But not every day offers up a crisis – thank goodness!

For the every day, read our advice about why you need a strategy for appropriately handling your social media presence when your reputation is under the microscope.


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