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Maximizing Media Coverage: The Power of Three

May 25, 2016
The Power of Three

In a landscape where reporters are measured on the ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ of their attention-grabbing stories and constant drive for digital clicks, it continues to be more challenging for public relations professionals to land coverage for their clients. However, businesses and organizations looking for media coverage should never underestimate the power of a compelling and relatable human interest story.

Recently, I placed a feature story for a real estate client in The Washington Post – and was able to get two additional clients quoted as expert resources.

How did I do it? Three factors led to this triple hit.

      1. Relationships Never Go Out of Style

Solid relationships with reporters are key. When you have a reliable spokesperson who consistently provides reporters with relevant content, reporters will begin calling you to help them flesh out their story. Media relations will forever be important, because as we all know, earned media is not a thing of the past.

      2. Client Messaging Needs to Fit the Story

Client messaging is not the reporter’s priority – that’s the PR professional’s job.  Using a human interest hook (i.e. real stories) is a great way to insert client messaging into the story.

Take, for example, the recent Post article. The subject of the story was a newlywed couple that were first-time home buyers. The real estate agent was interviewed to give the reader a full picture of the home buying experience.

      3. Don’t Stop at One Client  

With the countless clients and stories swirling around a PR professional’s head, it’s a challenge to keep everything straight, but it’s important to keep the bigger picture in mind.  For the Post story, I continued to think about this couple’s experience buying a new home and how additional experts may be able to add to the story. A federal credit union and moving company I work with came to mind. They would be able to give advice on two fundamental aspects of purchasing a home: getting a mortgage loan and moving your belongings. I offered them both as experts to give sound advice to readers on this topic. Thus, the triple hit was born!

Follow these three tips and you may land your triple hit before you know it. Happy pitching!

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