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Making the Most of Your News Coverage

December 4, 2019
Making the Most of Your News Coverage • Branding

Congratulations on landing the news coverage! You’re successfully sharing your story with that news organization’s audience, but there’s more work to do! There are many more audiences to reach.

Here are some ways to extend the attention even further:

Email Signature
Enhance the design of your email signature by adding an image of the magazine cover,or even the news organization’s logo, along with brief promo copy and link.

In the News section
Draft a news release about the coverage and place it into the press section of your website (there is no need to distribute the release). Quote excerpts from the coverage and of course link back to the story.

Nothing beats a hard copy of your coverage that can be handed out at trade shows, displayed at your front desk, included in promotional folders, and more. Check for copyright issues before printing.

Website Home Page
Design a home page “button” featuring an image of the coverage and hyperlink it to the story.

Email Campaign
If you have a promotional email list, send an email promoting the interview or coverage. For really big news such as a cover story in TIME magazine, you could also design a promotional email heavy on the graphics (and fewer words) and providing a link. The news organization will appreciate (and remember) how you’re driving more traffic to their site.

Social Media
If the outlet promoted the story on their social media accounts be sure to like and share it to your followers. On LinkedIn, post a link to the story and add your own comment to introduce the post.

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