On Saturday, April 7th,”wish kids” and their families celebrated the 35 years of wish-granting that Make-A-Wish Mid-Atlantic has made possible. With over 400 guests, this annual gala raised over $720,000 worth of wishes for children with life-threatening conditions. These kids can now look forward to custom tree houses, Disney World trips, swims with dolphins, lunches with celebrities….and all the other dreams of children whose lives are focused on hospital stays, doctor visits and medication. The most important result of celebrations like this is the hope and joy it delivers to the children and families who live their lives searching for cures and treatments to make their days less painful.

Corporate sponsors and generous individuals made this major fundraising event a success. Now, children battling life-threatening illnesses in the Mid-Atlantic region, will experience hope and excitement when they learn their very special wishes will become a reality. Medical research shows that in many cases lifting the spirits of these sick children and giving them a special wish to look forward to can actually improve their health.
Many companies realize the importance of giving back to their community in meaningful ways. Bringing people together to support creating a better life for someone else not only helps the recipient, but also the company. Employees bond, corporate culture strengthens and a realization occurs that the efforts of a group of people can make a significant difference in a community.

Van Eperen is honored to have been a sponsor of the Make-A-Wish Mid-Atlantic gala. Many of the wish kids and their parents were in attendance, telling their stories of the tremendous impact Make-A-Wish has made on their families.  It was clear that corporate involvement in local charities has invaluable effects on our communities. We are fortunate to have so many non-profit organizations – on local, national and international levels – who invite companies to donate their talents, time and funds to help a greater cause. Thank you to all the visionaries who founded these charities, and gave companies the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in our world.