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The Latest in Google Ads

June 7, 2019
byVan Eperen Marketing Team inMarketing Communications
The Latest in Google Ads • Marketing Communications

If you’re apprehensive about using Google Ads to advertise your business, that’s understandable. You might even be wondering if Google Ads is even worth the money.

The simple answer to that question is yes.

And if you’re not using it to advertise, you’re missing out. According to Google, for every $1 spent on Google Ads, $8 are made.

Since its release date in 2000, Google Ads has continually been changing the way businesses advertise and along the way they’ve unveiled new features in order to better its service for users. By the looks of it, Google isn’t planning on limiting the updates any time soon. At this year’s Google Marketing Live, Google announced a laundry list of updates they plan to roll out this year that may help your ads get the attention you’ve been looking for.

An exciting new feature in Google Ads is the ability for Bumper Machine to automatically piece together 6-second video ads out of one longer video. Basically, Bumper Machine identifies interesting moments in up to a 90-second video and organizes them into several different 6-second videos that you can choose from.

Last year, Google introduced the feed to their mobile app. Previously the feed didn’t contain any ads, however this year that’s all changing. Google is giving their feed a new name: Discover. And they hope Discover will add to their mission of providing fresh, interesting and relevant content to their users. When it’s released to the public later this year, Discover will filter in advertisements based on their relevance to the user. Advertisers will be able to enter 5 different high-quality images, descriptions and headlines that will be shown in different variations to better apply it to different user feeds.

Part of Google’s new updates will expand reach to local campaigns – including small businesses. Local campaigns are designed to drive more foot traffic to your business. The new local campaigns update that will also be released to the public later this year will give advertisers the ability to showcase their business in more places. Ads will now appear in Google Maps based on user’s search history while they’re looking for directions.

Another update that will be helpful to advertisers are new bidding controls. The first new bidding change is the introduction to campaign-level conversion settings. Previously, campaigns on the same account would be held to the same set of goals. Now, advertisers will be able to set different campaign goals.

Seasonality adjustment is also a new bidding feature. Google’s Smart Bidding feature already considered seasonality; however, this new update will allow you to schedule adjustments during specific periods of time if you expect conversion rates will spike. Another change is the ability to maximize conversion value. Maximize conversion value allows advertisers to enhance their ads to receive the most conversion value in their budget.

Google is introducing value rules into their new bidding controls. Value rules will allow advertisers to specify conversion values in order to better meet their goals.

Although the changes we mentioned may seem like a lot, there are plenty we didn’t get touch on. Check out this full list and description of the exciting updates announced at Google Marketing Live 2019.

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