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Importance of Integrating Video in Government Public Education and Outreach Programs

July 9, 2019
byLaura Van Eperen inCreative Services
Importance of Integrating Video in Government Public Education and Outreach Programs • Creative Services

Change in communication is constant in today’s society. At one point in time it was effective to communicate your message through print media or face-to-face contact. However, over time multimedia has made its way to the top of the priority list.

Why Video?

Think about all the video you watch in a single day. In fact, on YouTube alone, the population watches an average of 1 billion hours of video per day. It might seem like a bad habit to break, but it is helping you understand the content more than ever before. Videos enable watchers to feel a personal and relatable connection to the message.

When taking part in public education and outreach programs, it has become especially important to integrate video in order to globally spread your message. Programs like this aim to reach their constituents/residents as soon as possible.

Good news: Videos are available on any channel or device, anytime, anywhere.

Reoccurring Communication Theme

An essential component of effective communications for any organization or program focuses on our holistic approach to strategic communications. To jog your memory, our approach outlines the use for:  Paid (advertising), Earned (PR), Shared (Social Media) and Owned media. We consider a multi-pronged approach using multiple platforms to reach the right people with the right message at the right time.

Video initially holds the title as an owned media source because governments can control their overall image and how the intended message is sent. However, videos take on a much larger role than just one component of media.

Let’s look at in terms of a common governmental outreach program: Public Safety.

A public safety video released by a specific government initially holds the title as an owned media source since officials are controlling the message to its residents. From there, this video then molds into shared media once the government or other individuals begin pushing out the video via their social media accounts. Now your message is widespread, relevant and effective to your target public.

Videos create a whole new definition of public education and outreach. They help resonate with residents and establish trust for your message.

Time to Cut it Short

Although you may have a lot to inform your audience about, it’s important to keep your videos short, tight and concise. In fact, after clicking play only 10 percent of viewers make it through 5 minute videos and only 16 percent make it through 3-minute videos. In order to keep your audience informed and engaged, cut down your video time. Think about who you’re targeting and make sure to grab their attention before they click the X button.

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