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From Market Research to a Modern Agency

February 9, 2018
From Market Research to a Modern Agency • Branding

As I begin this new chapter of my professional career, I can’t help but to feel I have really found the perfect fit with Van Eperen. Working with multiple different industries within a matter of minutes has proven to be the fast-paced environment I had been craving as I transition from market research to public relations and strategic communications.

While the world of strategic communications provides numerous new learning opportunities, this does not mean I will be leaving my research roots in the past. The tie between research and PR today is highly relevant. The analytical thinking and writing skills I acquired through developing and leading market research projects are applicable in several of the day-to-day operations I complete here at Van Eperen.

One of the more obvious connections that comes to mind is the ability to interpret and analyze data to make suggestions to an organization. Naturally, making these suggestions comes as a part of my responsibilities in communicating with clients on the best ways to achieve their goals. There is also the connection formed between really diving in with a client to determine the feel they want to portray. But in this role, I now get to take it one step further and actually assist the company in carrying out these suggestions. This is where the “perfect fit” comes in because now I really get to put my creative skills to work.

Another way research perfectly complements strategic communications is in considering the skill of asking probing questions to achieve a nugget of insight wherein you discover the genuine reasons why people make the choices they do. When presenting a company’s image, knowing the (sometimes not so obvious) reasons a consumer would pick their products or service or not provides a serious advantage. After all, they do hire us to tell their story to their target audience and what better way to do that then to understand the way their customer thinks.

I couldn’t be more excited to make the connection between research and integrated communication with Van Eperen. Every day, my team surprises me by teaching me something new. Not only are they experienced, creative, intelligent, and innovative, but they are willing and excited to help me learn and grow. My team provides a comfortable environment where I can blend together my research experience with the communications best practices they have mastered. At Van Eperen I can express new ideas which reflect analytical and creative thinking alongside my colleagues steering me in the right direction.

I’m sure I will continue to learn the ins and outs of strategic communication tactics and strategies at Van Eperen, but I will also see the regular application of my research skills which will make me more powerful. The power will help me strive to think of new and innovative solutions with an end goal of best serving our clients.

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