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Five Signs It’s Time for a Message Training Workshop

March 13, 2017
Five Signs It’s Time for a Message Training Workshop

The Van Eperen team is on fire with national association clients prepping for spring conferences. The start of each calendar year always triggers the execution of important communication programs, including the need to prioritize and refine messages around top issues.

To help you decide if your organization is in need of leadership messaging and training, we have assembled five signs that it’s time to regroup for a session:

1. You find yourself saying any (or all) of the following: “We have too many messages and need to consolidate them;” “I need buy-in on updated messaging from my leadership;” “Our organization’s messages are not being delivered clearly and consistently;” or, the familiar, “Who can help me corral these cats with our messaging?”

2. Your leadership has changed. A new team brings a host of benefits, but your leaders might not know the nuances and strategy behind the messages. If everyone is on board, understands the thinking behind the messaging, and is freshly rehearsed on message delivery, you will appear even stronger.

3. What your spokesperson tells the media doesn’t match what you’re telling stakeholders. If the messages are inconsistent, the result is a confused marketplace. The subtle differences are not doing your organization any favors, as it is incredibly important to deliver clear messages that will cut through the clutter.

4. The organization’s direction has shifted, requiring new thinking, input, and discussion, so the messages are current, fine-tuned, and efficient.

5.  The cats haven’t gathered for a messaging workshop in at least two years. It is time to corral the cats in a conference room and get them to agree upon current messages that everyone will deliver.

Did you answer “yes” to any of these questions? If so, it’s time to schedule that session. –Laura Van Eperen, Find us on Twitter at: @LauraVanEperen and @VanEperenAgency.

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