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Employee Spotlight: Jennifer Bolick

May 28, 2019
byVan Eperen Marketing Team inTransportation Marketing, Maryland
Employee Spotlight: Jennifer Bolick • Transportation Marketing

In this month’s employee spotlight, we’re leaning in on our Senior Account Executive Jennifer Bolick. Read on to learn more about her.

You’ve lived around the world? Where?

I’ve been lucky to have parents who wanted their kids to have a chance to experience living in other cultures. They put me on a plane by myself at age 11 to spend the summer with my grandparents in Germany. Talk about an eye opening experience! I learned so much in those few months and it sparked a sense of curiosity about the world that has stayed with me. As a teenager, my family moved to Europe where we lived in small villages outside large cities in both France and England.

On weekends we piled into the car and explored together, learning about history, art, food, nature and cultural landscapes. Now that was an adventure – one that has continued with travels whenever possible to places abroad and in the US. From the highlands of Guatemala to the Canyons of Utah, lowlands of the South Carolina coast and peaks of the Swiss Alps. It’s an amazing world. There’s so much more to discover. And sometimes all you need to do is walk outside your door – especially if you live in a diverse, beautiful, multi-cultural city like DC.

Tell us why you choose to live in metropolitan Washington, DC area.

DC was an easy choice as a place to live. It offers so many opportunities to learn, grow, explore, meet interesting people and be surrounded by history. It’s small town and big city. Urban, with nature running through it. I came for the architecture, culture, diversity, international aspect, food, art and entertainment. And I’ve stayed for all of this and the people, the sense of community in this microcosm of travelers who care about making a positive difference in the world and creating a better place to live.

Favorite park in the region?

Great Falls for its grandeur and that sound of the rushing rapids feeding miles of river and stream.

Georgetown Waterfront where I’ve spent years of lunchtimes dangling my feet over the edge of the bank, watching ducks and gazing at the beautiful Key Bridge to one side, Kennedy Center to the other, Rosslyn city skyline ahead, and the old and oh so dear colonial + new Georgetown to my back.

Meridian Hill Park for its history and vibrancy. It’s quiet and open, architectural and natural – and rhythmic. The Drum Circle, people of all ages, backgrounds, interests, gathering for hours to feel the moment, dance and create music together – or just picnic and walk between trees.

Rock Creek, because it is. It makes our city real. Amid the concrete and brick, roads, business and politics – it brings life and green and water, trees, birds, animals and beauty.

What’s the best part of your work day?

I could say the quiet of the morning, interrupted by laughter of co-worker stories being shared over coffee, but then there’s the brainstorming, solving problems, planning, taking action – applying brain and feet to a cause. These are parts of my day that excite me. And I’d have to say, the best part of my work day is when I look back and see that we’ve made good progress toward accomplishing our team goals and moving the needle forward for our clients.

It’s hugely rewarding to work on projects that have positive social and environmental impact. Seeing people begin to think differently about their habits and being able to provide support for that change is great. Communicating effectively to capture attention and connect with key audiences to influence behavior and thinking, that’s what we thrive on.

Where do you see our region’s commuting strength(s)?

The Greater Washington area faces many transportation challenges, especially with our growth in population and booming economic development, but the region is dedicated to finding solutions that ensure a better quality of life for everyone by collaborating across jurisdictions, investing in needed maintenance, repairs, new infrastructure, innovative technologies, people-centered design and effective communication. This commitment and desire to continuously improve is a huge strength, as is the sheer variety of transportation options.

Planes trains and automobiles, yes – and so much more. Buses, Metro (ok – it’s a train), carsharing, carpooling, Uber, transit apps and a multitude of mobility options from bicycling (with dedicated bike lanes, bikeshare, electric bikes) to Segways and electric scooters. Urban landscapes are expanding and we’re connecting suburbs to cities at a rapid pace. All of these elements will play a part in making this region flow and grow.

Best place you like to eat out?

I like to eat out at my locals – Latin American-Spanish-Mexican cuisine with great atmosphere, excellent service, from seafood to melt-in-your-mouth orange pork-pull, the thinnest of chips and roasted salsa – fresh, yum. For my Asian fix it’s a local Thai place that can’t be beat for traditional fare done with care – delish. And then there’s the pizza – not your average pie, with yummy salads and an amazing view.

If I want to be literal here, ”eating out” with friends is one of my favorite forms of entertainment, whether at a rooftop restaurant, sidewalk café or picnic on the National Mall. What could be better than nature, nourish, share.

Favorite animal and why?

I’ve always loved cats (their beauty, mystery, playfulness, amazing agility, yoga poses, acrobatics, eyes, fur – and ok aloofness not so much, but some are as responsive as dogs, in their own way – and it’s all about their own way. You know, love dogs too (curious nature, loyalty, affection, joy in running and wrestling and being with their humans.

Elephants though! They are magnificent beings – so massive and mighty, yet kind and loving familial beings. They’re awe-inspiring really. They remind me of the world of dinosaurs and yet they are so evolved mentally and emotionally. They’re fascinating and wonderful. We need to make sure they survive on this earth.

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