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Social Media Overload
May 13, 2020
byVan Eperen Digital Team

The (Re)Rise of the Influencer

As we're confined to our homes and eyes shift to screens around the clock (have you checked your screen time lately?) it's natural that consumers…

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What’s Trending in COVID-19 Communications
April 27, 2020
byVan Eperen Marketing Team

A Round-up of Observations from the Van Eperen Team – Part I

What’s Trending in COVID-19 Communications? During a recent staff meeting (on Zoom, of course), the Van Eperen team shared observations about how communications are evolving…

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March 30, 2020
byJeffrey Davis

Who Just Joined? Navigating Our New Conference Call Culture.

By now we’re all experiencing how the coronavirus has altered traditional office operations. Business as usual is still achievable, but it requires a grasp of the…

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Coronavirus Communications Considerations •
March 10, 2020
byJeffrey Davis

Coronavirus Communications Considerations

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has moved into a state of emergency and that means your communications approach needs an important check-up right now. At first you…

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A Maryland PR Pro’s ‘America in Miniature’ Slogan Offers a Better Idea for Election Diversity •
February 19, 2020
byJeffrey Davis

A Maryland PR Pro’s ‘America in Miniature’ Slogan Offers a Better Idea for Election Diversity

The Iowa caucus digital disaster prompted many of us to question the confusing and not-so-reliable system. Neighbors gathering in churches and libraries to convince each…

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Podcasting and the Future of Content •
February 6, 2020
byVan Eperen Marketing Team

Podcasting and the Future of Content

LinkedIn recently invited us to participate in a community forum on podcasting trends as voice, audio, and smart speakers are all gaining attention by marketers…

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January 25, 2020
byJeffrey Davis

High-Tech and High Touch at the MdQI Transportation Conference

Transportation is all about planning, engineering, construction and maintenance, but it’s also as high-tech as any industry. A few days at the recent Flintstones-to-the-Jetsons themed…

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10 Practical Marketing Predictions for 2020 •
December 28, 2019
byJeffrey Davis

10 Practical Marketing Predictions for 2020

Virtual reality, voice marketing and artificial intelligence will continue to attract the buzz, but for most communicators 2020 is likely to bring incremental changes and…

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December 13, 2019
byVan Eperen Marketing Team

The View from Montgomery County as Lawmakers Prepare for 2020 Maryland General Assembly

More than 800 Montgomery County leaders in business, labor, education, civic and community-based organizations started their day together alongside federal, state and local representatives at…

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