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Top Five Reasons To Partner With Van Eperen
February 10, 2021
byMichael Davidson

Top 5 Reasons to Partner with Van Eperen, a Mid-Atlantic PR, Marketing, and Creative Communications Agency

We get you. And we've got this. For 16 years, Van Eperen has served as a trusted communications advisor across the public and private sectors,…

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2021 Marketing Communications Trends
February 5, 2021
byMichael Davidson

2021 Marketing Communications Trends

With a new year underway, we’re reflecting on 2020. If the year taught us one thing, it was how to manage and adapt to the…

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Building an Effective Communications Campaign
January 11, 2021
byVan Eperen Marketing Team

Ready, Set… Wait, Not So Fast.

Answer These Questions Before Launching Your Next Communications Campaign. Let’s start with “what is a campaign?” A campaign is defined as an organized course of…

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Be Color Brave – How to Uphold Your Organization to These Standards
December 7, 2020
byMichael Davidson

Be Color Brave – How to Uphold Your Organization to These Standards

We are beyond our time to move the needle on increasing Black and brown representation in the workplace, specifically in the C-suite and corporate boards.…

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best digital marketing practices for optimizing reach and success
November 12, 2020
byMichael Davidson


Now that you have assessed your current business landscape and decided to build or enhance your digital marketing strategy, it’s time to effectively implement channels…

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Building Your Online Business, Behind The Scenes
October 21, 2020
byMichael Davidson


Now that you have decided to build your digital strategy, what's next? In Part Two of our "Changing Your Business Model to Survive" series, we'll…

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October 9, 2020
byMichael Davidson

Just Like the Scouts: Be Prepared.

In the 1947 Girl Scout Handbook, the motto of “be prepared” was explained this way: "A Girl Scout is ready to help out wherever she…

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Pivoting and Shifting
September 29, 2020
byMichael Davidson

SHIFTING INTO SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: It’s One Thing To Be Nimble, It’s Another To Be Authentic.

How many times have you heard or used the words “pivot” and “shift” over the past six months? Probably too many to count. In March, campaigns that…

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Six tips every spokesperson needs to know before their next media interview.
September 28, 2020
byMichael Davidson

FOR THE RECORD: Six Tips Every Spokesperson Needs To Know Before Their Next Media Interview.

A reporter’s request for an interview just came in. You have the topic and the deadline. Is your spokesperson ready? For more than 15 years,…

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