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Are Association Annual Meeting Press Rooms Becoming a Thing of the Past?

May 21, 2018
Are Association Annual Meeting Press Rooms Becoming a Thing of the Past? • National Associations

Those who know me know I love association annual meetings whether they have 20,000 attendees or 3,000. The strategic planning, abstracts, researchers, PIOs, embargoed materials, reporters, digital engagement, poster sessions, and the press room are just some of the reasons why I find these meetings so rewarding.

Throughout my experience working in-house and agency side at medical and scientific meetings I have noticed that some are phasing out the on-site press room. I understand attendance and revenue fluctuate by meeting location, conflicting priorities and staffing the press room can be a challenge for a smaller organization.

Though I think there is a downside to not having one.

While many reporters cover a meeting remotely, there are those, especially trade, that still attend. The press room can serve as a central location for media to work, interview researchers, meet with leadership, and catch up with fellow reporters that they may only see at these meetings.

For the communications staff, it is an opportunity to connect in-person with media you have “met” via phone and email. In this digital age I think we are missing out on this personal connection.

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