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Promoting Alternative Ways to Commute to Work: A Success Story by a Company That Pushes The Pedal

July 9, 2019
byVan Eperen Marketing Team inTransportation Marketing
Promoting Alternative Ways to Commute to Work: A Success Story by a Company That Pushes The Pedal • Transportation Marketing

Whether in our personal life or with our client commuter work projects, Team Van Eperen has always been proud to promote the use of public and human-powered transportation modes to find better ways to commute to work while also reducing our carbon footprint, traffic congestion and stress levels.

In this vein, our team wanted to shine the light on a company, Toole Design Group (Toole), which is serving as a corporate role model for taking advantage of commuter benefits offered by a local transportation agency, Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT). Toole, which also happens to work in the transportation design sector, definitely walks the walk, or ‘bikes the bike,’ as it were.

Through our work with the MCDOT, our transportation outreach specialists sit down with Toole’s employees and hear directly about how they lead the way to empower fellow employees to get to work in anything but a single occupancy vehicle (SOV). Here are a couple ways they do just that:

  • Offer a $150 incentive for commuter benefits, to be allocated toward an annual Capital Bikeshare membership.
  • Offer a healthcare benefit that rewards staff up to $1,095 per year towards their Health Savings Account (HSA) for walking to work.

These incentives are robust and 92% of their 65 employees use them, so their adoption rate is quite high.

As a result of these great commuter benefits, Toole was honored with the Incentives Award from the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments Commuter Connections’ program for their commitment to a strong commuter program. Check out the video.

We’re proud of Toole as they set an example of how feasible and attainable alternative commuting modes can be for commuting employees. And, let’s not forget our government agencies and their dedicated staff who ensure these public transportation programs are increasingly in place, often with extensive public education programs to create awareness and drive increased usage. These transportation professionals make it easy for commuters to connect to the resources needed to be empowered. As we can see from the nearly 5,000 shareable bikes and scooters in Washington D.C. and Montgomery County, Md. combined, local governments are making environmentally-friendly commuting options a reality for their citizens.

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