ABSTRACT: Science Matters

Karen Addis - North Bethesda, Maryland

Hillarie Turner - North Bethesda, Maryland


On April 22, scientists from around the world will be marching for science.  As science communicators, it is thrilling to see excitement building and awareness growing for such an important cause. We stand with our friends and our clients in support of this important movement. We’re experiencing the future of health and science innovation. New discoveries. Innovative treatments. Changing policies.


With more than 40 years of combined communications experience, the majority of those focused on health and science, we understand first-hand how these changes affect consumer attitudes and behaviors.

We have had the privilege of working in-house for scientific/medical associations and on the agency side supporting both private and public health and science organizations. With our clients, we work together to communicate to different populations, helping to translate complex information so consumers understand the value of scientific research.


Clear communications that resonate with audiences and drive measurable results.


Make no mistake, science impacts all of us each and every day. As communicators, we need to come together with our friends in the science community to continue to bring awareness to the importance of what we do. The March for Science is a great start, but we need to keep the conversation going because science matters.

Author disclosures: Authors report that this is a not a real scientific abstract.