Proven Qualifications

Since 2004, we’ve been a credible WOSB, SDB, and EDWOSB on the GSA AIMS schedule, specializing in health and defense/military media communication, leadership training and conference/event planning

  • 541-1: Advertising Services
  • 541-2: Public Relations Services
  • 541-3: Web Based Marketing Services
  • 541-A: Market Research and Analysis
  • 541-4B: Video/Film Production
  • 541-4D: Conference Events and Trade Show Planning Services (Small Business Set-Aside)
  • 541-4E: Commercial Photography Services
  • 541-4F: Commercial Art and Graphic Design Services
  • 541-5: Integrated Marketing
  • 541-100: Other Direct Costs

We can meet small business goals by priming or serving as a subcontractor due to our small business size standard of $7 million.

“Given what I know today about the Contractor’s ability to execute on what they promised in their proposal, I definitely would award to them today…..”

–Ms. Iris Merscher

Indian Health Service Contract Specialist